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SINCE 2015

Established in 2015, Kritrim is one of the most reliable art outsourcing studios.

Our team is driven by the pursuit of quality and perfection in art. We strive to deliver outstanding work within the timeframe.

Kritrim is associated with a number of prominent studios and companies from around the world.

We are committed and can do any custom job.


Designing, developing and delivering artwork for Games, AR/VR Applications, Product companies.



Art Outsourcing Studio

Core Team


Annu G.

Managing Director


Amit G.



Sachin K.

Creative Head


Naman G.

Project Head

Key Services

Kritrim is an acclaimed games industry service provider of high end art, design and development.

We have a team of artists specialized in different genres of design & development.

Game Artwork

Top game brands, publishers & developers have trusted us with their IP’s  & projects.

From AAA to Mobiles Games, our team is highly experienced in delivering top notch artwork for your games. 


Designing and Developing AR / VR App for games, products, Industries specific trainings & visualizations.

Augmented and Virtual reality gives an interactive experience to the user. Which enhances the engagement with the product / game / training.




Animation is the best approach to convey any message or a story.

Our team of animators  brings life in the characters and  objects. 

Game animations, video animations or motion graphic videos, our team can deliver the best.

Product Visualization

Our modeling and rendering experts can visualize any rough design to their final looks.  

Product animations, ads, turnaround or still renders, we can do it all. 

3D Printing

Get a real life working model for your designs & prototypes. 

Our ability  & experience of designing 3d printable models have helped many to bring their ideas to life. 



3D Models & Royalty Free Stock Videos

We have built a one stop solution for royalty free 3d models and motion elements. Thousands of people have benefitted from our free library of 3d models and motion elements. 

Our premium 3d models are not only of high quality, they are being offered at the best price available on internet for such assets. 

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