Founded in 2015 , we at Kritrim Entertainment focusing on providing the best 3d services globally along with an aim to set a benchmark in animation industry by creating world class games and films. We have delivered many successful projects globally. We are specialized in our work. We have a strong belief that a creative mind and a basic idea are the core of any work.

We are equipped with creative and experienced artists.

We are providing services from pre-production to post-production. Which includes, concept designing, story boarding, modelling, texturing, rigging, animation, VFX, rendering.

We have a vision to create a platform or a world of opportunities where the creative people will join the industry. In order to achieve the best quality work we keep our self up to date with the new techniques and technologies.

Why to choose 3d services ?

Apart from 3D games and films, in todays era 3d animations and 3d renderings been used as the most affective manner to promote any product, be it on a website, Tv commercial , or a product rendering on its banners and pamphlets.

3d is the way by which you could explain a product in a detailed manner to anybody. Its a very effective way of teaching/learning any subject and it makes a training session easier and very interesting.

3d Mascots and logo's are used for the company profiles and there introductions on there websites, Videos etc. It really leaves a strong impression on the prospective client or the users.

3d is used for architectural walkthroughs, to show how the plan of the buildings, shopping complex, House, malls or a city etc. So more buyers could attract by seeing the plan.

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